At the Housing Fair in Loviisa

The 2023 Housing Fair in Loviisa welcomes you to a wonderful location by the sea. In Kuningattarenranta, "Queen's Region" area the cozy and modern houses offer both builders and decorators inspiration and ideas to make their home dreams come true. 

In Loviisa you can also find Studio Eero Aarnio's lamps, which we were pleased to deliver to four wonderful homes at the fair.

Read more about the Housing Fair, a unique Finnish concept here.

Villa Havet 

House 17

Tupla Kupla ulkovalaisin Villa Havet

The beautiful and harmonious interior of this stone house has been designed with practicality in mind - for example, the family's poodles have been taken into account both in the choice of materials and in the construction, and there is even a separate grooming room in the home. The wonderful sea view can be enjoyed on the large terrace, where the majestic Double Bubble outdoor lamp shines its light on the seaside.

Tupla Kupla pöytävalaisin Asuntomessut Villa Havet

The builders Nina Björnström-Lehtonen and Tomi Lehtonen are fans of Eero Aarnio's design, and in addition to the lamps, there are also other Aarnio products, e.g. Pastilli chairs and the Parabel table in the house. Double Bubble M table lamp illuminates one of the bedrooms.

Wuff istuin Eero Aarnio Villa Havet

Because fair days would be too hard for Madde, Macy and Fiona, our Wuff dogs promised to stand in for them in the grooming room during the event.


House 19

Tupla Kupla Asuntomessut Kuningattarenhelmi

This modern log house reflects Finnish living dreams; the house with its own shore is decorated in a simple Scandinavian style.

Tupla Kupla XL Loviisa Asuntomessut

Double Bubble XL is perfect for the interior of this house  the iconic shape of the giant lamp stands out beautifully against the log wall, and the large size does not feel exaggerated in the spacious, high living room. 

Moomin Light Muumipeikko valaisin Asuntomessuilla Loviisassa

Here you can also find Melaja's Moomin lamp, which is made with love alongside Studio Eero Aarnio products in our factory in Riihimäki, Finland.

Villa Sten

House 11

Ghost ulkovalaisin Asuntomessut

Thanks to the large windows of this stone built house, you can fully enjoy the sea view even indoors. The bright and airy home is warmly decorated with a combination of wood and stone.

Ghost Eero Aarnio

The cozy terrace is lit by our friendly Ghost, which is a weatherproof outdoor lamp for year-round use.  

Talo Ledvance

House 14
Tupla Kupla Asuntomessut Loviisa

A wonderful seaside house for a family with children. Also in this home the Double Bubble XL outdoor lamp beautifully illuminates the viewing terrace. 

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