Pony Eero Aarnio

Eero Aarnio designed the Pony seat in 1972. This new version is a smaller, modern version of the classic Pony chair. Since the material is now soft plastic, you can take Pony also outside and it is easy to keep clean.

Since the new Pony is slightly smaller than the original it is therefore also suitable for younger riders.

"A chair is a chair... but the seat doesn't always have to be a chair, as long as it's ergonomically right. The seat can be a small and soft Pony that you can ride forward or backward"
- Eero Aarnio

Despite its futuristic design the durable and washable Pony is a practical piece of decoration. Place it freely in the hall, children's room, living room or outdoor spaces.

Aarnio Pony chairs make a perfect pair or a group - order another one of the same color or choose a nice contrasting color from the lively color options! How would a meeting go if all the participants could ride a Pony during the brainstorming? We recommend Pony seat for all occasions!

Made in Finland